Poolside Picnic | 4th of July

 Summertime is in full swing and the 4th of July is quickly approaching! Nothing says summer quite like a poolside picnic. I've put together picnic supplies to help make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy a memorable and tasty holiday. 

Hosting can be quite intimidating, but this checklist should help take the pressure off. You can find all of the items listed below on my Amazon Storefront. There are some really helpful items listed such as: 4th of July napkins, honey dipper sticks, and skewers.
Poolside Picnic | 4th of July

Picnic Supplies: 

1. You'll need a disposable serving tray like this one. These little bowls will be perfect for adding yummy condiments. 

2. Add your favorite cheese and thinly sliced cured meats. This is totally up to you! Cheddar, blue cheese, and feta are great options this time of year. They are not too heavy, but still very refreshing. Salami and summer sausages will pair nicely. 

3. Fruits will add some bright colors to your board, which will make it picture perfect. Peaches, strawberries, cherries, apple slices, and the list could go on and on. 

4. Add your favorite crackers and spreads like jelly or honey to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

5. You'll need table cloths, plateswipes and a cute basket for storing your items. 


Amazon Storefront: Poolside Picnic
Having a picnic is such a classic idea that is sure to be a hit amongst your guests. Hosting by the pool ensures that no one gets too hot because once your bellies are settled you can go for a refreshing swim! 


Board + Brie | Poolside Picnic | 4th of July



 I want to see your summer board setup! Make sure to tag us @boardbrie. I'm excited to see what you create!


Poolside Picnic | 4th of July | Picnic Supply List